Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am NOT an "extreme couponer"

Ok, so I watched that TLC show Extreme Couponers.  Those people are crazy...  seriously Hoarders with OCD.  I do not buy hundreds of anything, but I do love a good deal.  This week there is an awesome deal on peanut butter that I couldn't resist.  First of all, we eat a TON of peanut butter.  Secondly, Publix actually paid me to get this peanut butter.  So, I had one of my biggest shopping days today.  I have a friend who seems to do this type of large (even larger) transaction every week so she basically pays nothing for groceries...  ever.  I seriously only spent an hour or so on this, even with all the crazy people in Publix tonight preparing for the huge winter storm coming our way.  A little sarcasm there...  I acknowledge that I am not that funny and definitely not a great writer.  I always hated English class.  So, drum roll please:

All this for less than $2! 

Thanks for visiting!  My next post will be a copy craft I saw on a friend's faceboook page.  It is the cutest thing EVER...  I just gotta get my supplies!