Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bathroom makeover... copy style.

I have not touched the bathroom in the hallway since we moved in.  It serves as the guest bathroom and the kids' bathroom, although the kids are usually in the master bathroom with us.  So, it just sat there, and sat there, and sat there with a bad pink/yellow paint job and builder blah components.  I finally decided I needed to do something about it and I found some energy.  I knew this would be a task taken on all by myself...  and I did all of it all by myself.  Yep, painting, plumbing, carpentry...  I did it!  This isn't a knock on the hubs, but he just is very practical about this stuff.  If the light comes on and the sink works and toilet flushes then why bother?  Definitely a function over form kinda guy.  So, that being said...  the big reveal.  I didn't take an actual "before" picture...  it is more of a "just got started pic and maybe I will take a picture so I can blog about it or put it on pinterest."  Pinterest, by the way, is where I found my inspiration bathroom.  I pretty much copied this chick's bathroom.  Ok, before (took this with my phone after I pulled down the light)
AHHHH!  The after!  Here's a run down on the changes: Painted (Behr Billowing Clouds), 3 new shelves, cabinet hardware, replaced towel bar with hooks. (Look in the reflection)  I had to patch a giant hole from the towel bars and sand and patch and sand the crap out of it.
New Faucet

New hand towel hook and framed the mirror.  This framed mirror project is all over pinterest and it really is super easy...  even by yourself.

There are still a few odds and ends, like another framed something over the hand towel and something cutesy over the robe hooks...  maybe a 1, 2, and 3.  Ultimately, I still want to tile the floor and get rid of the glass shower door.  That isn't something I can really do a piece at a time.  But it will happen!