Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poop on the Potty

Ah, potty training.  My mother has said on numerous occasions that this was her least favorite part of raising kids.  I have been taking a very relaxed approach with Josh.  I have read a lot about how older kids regress to wetting their pants when a younger sibling is born.  Well, this seemed to work the opposite in my house.  Josh seemed fascinated when I changed Ashley's diaper.  On the phone one day, my sister asked Josh how baby Ashley was.  He said "She poops in her pants."  My sister replied "Well, you do too!"  Something must have clicked b/c he suddenly started pooping on the potty.  He wears underwear at home and he has only had a few pee-pee accidents.

Yes, I took a picture of poop.  I love this picture because it shows the support Alex gives Josh with his potty training.  Alex checks the potty and exclaims "He DID poop, Mommy!"  Then he asks Josh if he will share his treat or his toy prize.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


.50 for all this.  Not much else to say!

Spent 3.19...

and saved $50.93 on groceries.  Gotta have extra eggs and vinegar for dying!  We do have a cat, but the cat treats were a money maker.  That is why we have so many and I will probably donate these since we already have treats.  That is another thing about couponing, you can donate what you don't need/use.  The rest is just stuff we need!

...  and now for baby pics
She is listening intently to his story.
They even tilt their head the same way.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

$43 in groceries, paid $4.19 and getting a $10 MIR giftcard!

Took baby Ashley to Publix tonight.  I am discovering that she hates the carseat... or maybe the car.  Unless she is totally passed out asleep before I load her up, she screams the whole time.  Tonight she cried for 15 minutes and when we got to the store, she went to sleep after 2 laps around the store in the shopping cart. 

Anyway, ConAgra had a $10 rebate deal and this is how I did mine.  After coupons, I paid $4.19 and will get $10 back.  Nice money maker and I have 6 bags of chicken.  Wa-hoo!  Oh, and no I don't have a dog, but I know people who do.
This was $43 before coupons. 

Baby pic of the day...  Uncle Todd and Aunt Michelle came for a visit.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easy car seat cover.

I finished another copy craft today!  Amazing, considering I am extra sleep deprived thanks to those thunderstorms last night.  It was musical beds with Josh in bed with Andrew and me in the boys' room in a twin bed.  Anyway, I saw this and thought it was a great idea.  I saw one on a friend's facebook page and she gave me the link to the tutorial here.  It is a car seat cover or deterrent for strangers wanting to touch your baby.  I thought it was practical b/c on several occasions I have placed a blanket over the car seat to keep wind or sun out of the baby's eyes...  even rain.  I love that this will stay put and also leaves space to grab the car seat handle.
I picked fabric to match the car seat, but in hindsight this might be a little busy.  I don't think it really matters but if I could go back I would do a solid gray on the inside.

Miss Personality

Newborn babies are great and all, but when they start reacting to you the real fun begins.  Now that Ashley is having more alert time, the boys are more interested in her.  She has started smiling when she hears you talking to her and the boys just think that is so exciting.  She was on the floor being quiet and Alex just plopped down on her pillow for some "pillow talk." 
She's got my finger!
Ashley's thinking "Mom, did you get the shot yet?"
Big smile for brother!

Easiest thing I have made in a while.

I love this passie clip and it is just 2 pieces of grossgrain ribbon I personalized with elastic on one side and a mitten clip sewn on the other.  I whipped this up in no time.  Nothing fancy but super practical.  The hospitals give you those soothie passies that have a small hole for a passie clip.  Well, most passie clips I see in the stores won't fit in that hole and this is a universal clip.  You can also put toys and other objects on it that you don't want to lose or fall on the ground and get dirty.  I also used my super-duper embroidery sewing machine to personalize it. 
Now when we take her to church, the nursery people will know it is Ashley's passie.  Then we won't be called out of service b/c someone took our baby's passie and our baby won't stop crying.  Then we won't have to leave and stop by Rite Aid to buy new passies immediately b/c our infant is screaming as if he was on fire. Yes, this happened with Alex.

BTW, she turned 1 month old on Sunday and her brothers adore her...  mostly.