Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A couple of videos

This is a quick clip of Ashley talking/laughing a little bit:
This is Josh singing the Little Einsteins theme:

Taking pictures.

Why is it so hard to get a good picture?  I am not a great photographer, but sometimes I just want a cute pic of the kids and they just don't want to cooperate.  Is it because they are boys or because they are 2 and 4?  The funny thing is the first shot is the good one in this set, and the rest are funny although irritating at the time.
  Home Alone and straining poop face.
Get your hands out of your pants...  amazing how many time I say this in a day!
Just smile and don't scrunch your face.
This first pic I took...  should have stopped while I was ahead.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last big Hoorah!

Any of you fellow couponers know that Publix Corporate offices made changes to the coupon policy effective May 23rd.  For me, this means much less competitor coupons and less savings.  This was my last trip before the change.  I am bummed because even though my Publix managers want to take all the competitors, corporate says no.  I will not be spending as much time planning shopping trips though.  So, that is good I guess.  I don't really spend hours on end doing it anyway, but whatever.  This is what I got Sunday:
It cost $4.89.  Not sure of the savings but the formula packs alone are over $40!

My shelf is pretty full and I think I might need a new one.  Like the nice walkway?  I know people who have entire rooms in their basement for stockpiles, so really this is nothing.  LOL!
The girls.