Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boys have a pee-nus.

I have been having some interesting conversations with my oldest son, mostly revolving around his private parts.  It surprised me how early baby boys become interested in their penis.  Basically as soon as they have any control over their arms and hands, they are touching themselves.  Seriously, it was difficult at times to even change a diaper.  Now he is 5 and it is still the topic of many of our little exchanges.

A few days ago I noticed him grabbing himself down there, on top of his shorts.  So I ask him if everything is ok down there.
"Yeah, my penis is just stuck to my balls."
"Ok, well fix it then leave it alone."
"How many balls are there?"
"Two balls...  I think I had four when I was a little baby."
"I don't think you ever had four."
"What now?"
"It hurts when you mash them."
"Well, don't do that then."
"Why does it hurt when you mash them?"
"I don't know.  I don't have them, you will have to ask your dad."

Then Josh chimes in:
"Daddy has a pee-nus, Alex has pee-nus and I have pee-nus.  We are boys.  Mommy doesn't have pee-nus and Ashley doesn't have pee-nus.  They are girls."
"Yes, Josh, that is correct."

At the pool Alex says "Mommy the water is cold."
Me "It is not that cold."
"Yes it is, get your penis in...  it is cold."
"I don't have a penis, you know that."
"Well, put the part that doesn't have a penis in the water.  It is cold."

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