Thursday, April 18, 2013

$2.04 at Publix.

Had a good trip today with some rain checks.  I saved them for Thursday so I could get the penny item, too.  The freebies were the Bertolli pasta sauce, cat food and Paper towels (well, they were a penny!)

This is the breakdown:

Bertolli sauce Bogo for 1.39 each.  $1 off 2 Publix coupon stack with $1.50 off 2 manu coupon = Free

Gogurt Bogo for .98 each.  .50 manu coupon doubles to 1.00 off = Free

Sheba cat food sale .50 each.  B2G1 Free Publix coupon stack with Bogo manu coupon.  The manu doubled to $1 = Free

Bertolli pasta Bogo for 1.14.  $1 manu coupon = .14

Sargento cheese 2.50.  .50 manu coupon doubled to $1. = 1.50 (I needed this for dinner)

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