Friday, February 18, 2011

I walked out the door with .88!

Ok, so I haven't gotten around to any crafting.  Guess I should have thought of a better name for my blog.  But hey, I am 8 months pregnant and ready to pop.  Anyway, sometimes I wonder how people react to the couponing posts.  Yesterday, my friend Kimberly said even though she doesn't coupon, she likes to see all the stuff her couponing friends get.  So, I had to post this one.  I try not to go negative, and usually store won't let you.  But today I walked out of the store with this and .88.
...  and for anyone who says you can only get junk with coupons, I had more than $7 in overage to spend on whatever I needed.  I chose to buy chicken, but I could have bought fresh produce, milk or anything else in the store.

1 comment:

  1. AHHH Laura I LOVE it!! That is so stinkin amazing!! And although I don't coupon - I always tell my friends to read your blog and brag about your bargains:)