Friday, February 25, 2011

I actually made something today.

I copy crafted some clippies today!  I saw this bunny clip online and thought it was so cute.  It was a lot harder than I thought and it is a little sloppy.  I think practice will make perfect with these clips.  I also made a small clip with a bow and a korker ribbon clip.  I had no idea you can make ribbon curl by wrapping it around a dowel or knitting needle and putting it in the oven!  Thanks Kelly for the info.  I think more korker ribbon will make these type of clips even cuter.  Again, this was my first attempt and I am just proud I did something besides grocery shopping.  I really need to finish some stuff around the house (like baby Ashley's curtains), but this was a quick one to finish. 
This bunny looks like the picture here, but I think it might need whiskers or something.  I also used a wider ribbon because I couldn't find the narrow grosgrain.  I may need to research where to get the right sizes.

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