Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow appreciation day.

Every year Chick-fil-a offers a free meal to anyone who comes in dressed up as a cow.  It is kind of a madhouse and I didn't think Andrew would go for it, but he wanted to go get some free food.  I love a good bargain, so I was pumped and the kids were very excited, too.  I literally threw together a couple of costumes in a little over an hour.  I pulled apart a sheep costume and re-used the felt to make 2 kid cow costumes with black felt spots.  I decided baby Ashley could use a costume, so I took a onesie and added felt spots.  To make the bottom cute, I added islet lace around the leg cuff.  I saw the idea on pinterest and thought it actually turned out super cute.  I may need to try this again.  Last, I cut off the sleeves.  Baby Ashley is kinda big, so the only white onesie that fit was long sleeved.  I didn't have enough lace, so I just took some ribbon and tied bows on the shoulders.  I was trying to make it look summery and not an unraveled mess.  I have also seen a few pics of friends kids with ribbons tying up the sleeves on their t-shirts...  so maybe that is the style these days.  Seems like with little girls, you can add a ribbon just about anywhere and it works!
Finished product...  the boys didn't want to pose for pictures.
The lace with super chubby leg.
At Chick-fil-a.

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