Thursday, December 30, 2010

"New" Kitchen table and chairs

Our kitchen table and chairs are well over 10 years old.  They were great until the back broke on one chair and really all the spindles are a pain to clean.  They get a lot of peanut butter and jelly on them from little messy hands.  So, we were on the hunt for a new set.  While we loved the tall bar table and bar stool options out there, it just isn't practical with little kids and a baby on the way.  It seemed like there wasn't really a lot out there we liked or that was reasonably priced, so I went into DIY mode.  Andrew was against this as I have a habit of starting but not finishing this kind of thing.  He would just as soon buy a similar chair to the one that broke and be done with it.  But alas, I won and we did it...  together even!  Here is our table before and after.
This is our table before (we had just finished our tile)

Our "new" table and 4 chairs I ordered online.

I think it actually goes pretty well with the cabinets and granite.  Just need to finish the tile backsplash and do something with the back of the island.

YAY me for finishing!

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