Saturday, April 9, 2011

$43 in groceries, paid $4.19 and getting a $10 MIR giftcard!

Took baby Ashley to Publix tonight.  I am discovering that she hates the carseat... or maybe the car.  Unless she is totally passed out asleep before I load her up, she screams the whole time.  Tonight she cried for 15 minutes and when we got to the store, she went to sleep after 2 laps around the store in the shopping cart. 

Anyway, ConAgra had a $10 rebate deal and this is how I did mine.  After coupons, I paid $4.19 and will get $10 back.  Nice money maker and I have 6 bags of chicken.  Wa-hoo!  Oh, and no I don't have a dog, but I know people who do.
This was $43 before coupons. 

Baby pic of the day...  Uncle Todd and Aunt Michelle came for a visit.

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