Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easiest thing I have made in a while.

I love this passie clip and it is just 2 pieces of grossgrain ribbon I personalized with elastic on one side and a mitten clip sewn on the other.  I whipped this up in no time.  Nothing fancy but super practical.  The hospitals give you those soothie passies that have a small hole for a passie clip.  Well, most passie clips I see in the stores won't fit in that hole and this is a universal clip.  You can also put toys and other objects on it that you don't want to lose or fall on the ground and get dirty.  I also used my super-duper embroidery sewing machine to personalize it. 
Now when we take her to church, the nursery people will know it is Ashley's passie.  Then we won't be called out of service b/c someone took our baby's passie and our baby won't stop crying.  Then we won't have to leave and stop by Rite Aid to buy new passies immediately b/c our infant is screaming as if he was on fire. Yes, this happened with Alex.

BTW, she turned 1 month old on Sunday and her brothers adore her...  mostly.

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