Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easy car seat cover.

I finished another copy craft today!  Amazing, considering I am extra sleep deprived thanks to those thunderstorms last night.  It was musical beds with Josh in bed with Andrew and me in the boys' room in a twin bed.  Anyway, I saw this and thought it was a great idea.  I saw one on a friend's facebook page and she gave me the link to the tutorial here.  It is a car seat cover or deterrent for strangers wanting to touch your baby.  I thought it was practical b/c on several occasions I have placed a blanket over the car seat to keep wind or sun out of the baby's eyes...  even rain.  I love that this will stay put and also leaves space to grab the car seat handle.
I picked fabric to match the car seat, but in hindsight this might be a little busy.  I don't think it really matters but if I could go back I would do a solid gray on the inside.

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