Friday, September 23, 2011

A girl can never have enough shoes!

For my latest craft, I made Ashley some baby shoes.  I have made several pairs of shoes for the boys with a pattern similar the the Robeez brand, but this new pattern seemed a little more feminine.  Plus, with pink flowers, you can't get girlier than that!  This was scrap material I had and wanted to try this out to see how hard these shoes were.  I wouldn't say they are easy, but I like the way they turned out.  (at least one of them, one seems really wonky).    
 That is the cutest fat baby foot ever! (The good one, not the wonky one)
She got tons of compliments on these shoes tonight at the mall, so I guess I will make a few more pairs.

Lessons learned on this 1)use a solid fabric for the sole, or at least not a pattern that will look funny if it isn't on the shoe straight. 2) Attach the sole to the top starting at the toe and going to the back, not the back to the toe. 3) Don't forget to top stitch the layers after ironing...  oops.

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