Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first pinterest baked item.

Yes, it has been a while.  Summer really kept me busy with the kids home and a new baby.  Plus, I did a ton of organizing (post pregnancy nesting) which is not very interesting.  I do frequent pinterest and have a TON of ideas for things to make.  This is my first cooking post as I really do not enjoy cooking.  I am a jar spaghetti sauce, taco dinner kit, box cake mix and frosting kinda mom.  Honestly, breakfast is my best meal so I tried a breakfast wreath.  Now it does include crescent rolls from a can, but the rest is "outer aisle" food.  (BTW, I am kinda sick of coupon nay-sayers going on how they are "outer aisle" shoppers and coupons are only for junk.)  Besides, the canned rolls are on an "outer aisle," too.  I digress...
My family really liked this and it reheated well the next morning.  I need some practice wrapping the crescent rolls around, but I think I did ok for a novice. 
Arrange the crescent rolls and layer bacon, cheese, scrambled eggs, and more cheese.  Wrap the crescent roll points to the middle and sprinkle more cheese.  Bake and voila!
See what I mean about wrapping the crescent rolls better? 

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