Thursday, September 29, 2011

She's crafty.

I have been in a creative mood this week.  The cleaning may be suffering, but I did two little projects.  First one is pinterest inspired.  Burlap in all forms seems pretty popular.  I have a friend who put burlap panels in her den windows about 10 years ago.  Needless to say, she is way ahead of the trends...  very stylish lady!  I am kinda on the fence about how much I like this burlap wreath.  I tied a red tulle (that's all I had on hand) bow to hang it, but it may need something else.  A big "T" or some fall flowers maybe?  I don't know...  I am a copier, not a thinker upper.  It did turn out just like the pic of the one here.  Super easy, but I have way too much burlap left over and it makes a mess when you are cutting it.
My second project I am pretty proud of, if I do say so myself.  I have never taken an art class, but I have been a couple time to those painting/drinking events.  I think that made me less intimidated of a blank canvas.  I bought 2 small canvases and some acrylic paint to make something for Ashley's room.  I took my inspiration from her bedding set and painted these two side by side masterpieces.  This is totally freehand, no stencil or tracing. 
 Below is the quilt, which I pretty much copied with paint instead of fabric.

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