Thursday, September 29, 2011

She's crafty.

I have been in a creative mood this week.  The cleaning may be suffering, but I did two little projects.  First one is pinterest inspired.  Burlap in all forms seems pretty popular.  I have a friend who put burlap panels in her den windows about 10 years ago.  Needless to say, she is way ahead of the trends...  very stylish lady!  I am kinda on the fence about how much I like this burlap wreath.  I tied a red tulle (that's all I had on hand) bow to hang it, but it may need something else.  A big "T" or some fall flowers maybe?  I don't know...  I am a copier, not a thinker upper.  It did turn out just like the pic of the one here.  Super easy, but I have way too much burlap left over and it makes a mess when you are cutting it.
My second project I am pretty proud of, if I do say so myself.  I have never taken an art class, but I have been a couple time to those painting/drinking events.  I think that made me less intimidated of a blank canvas.  I bought 2 small canvases and some acrylic paint to make something for Ashley's room.  I took my inspiration from her bedding set and painted these two side by side masterpieces.  This is totally freehand, no stencil or tracing. 
 Below is the quilt, which I pretty much copied with paint instead of fabric.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I made this last week but didn't have time to blog it.  Not that blogging it is much different to putting the pics on facebook, which I did do.  The dawgs are sucking big time, but that doesn't mean baby girl can't look good cheering them on anyway.  She already has a cheerleader outfit, but I wanted to make her a little dress and decided on a knot dress.  I didn't use a pattern, just kind of fit it to her body.  It fits but there is definitely room to grow.  I am hoping that maybe next year I can add a trim to the bottom and she can wear it again, or just wear it as a shirt.  Here she is:

It is getting kinda cool, so maybe a shirt underneath and some leggings or pants.

A girl can never have enough shoes!

For my latest craft, I made Ashley some baby shoes.  I have made several pairs of shoes for the boys with a pattern similar the the Robeez brand, but this new pattern seemed a little more feminine.  Plus, with pink flowers, you can't get girlier than that!  This was scrap material I had and wanted to try this out to see how hard these shoes were.  I wouldn't say they are easy, but I like the way they turned out.  (at least one of them, one seems really wonky).    
 That is the cutest fat baby foot ever! (The good one, not the wonky one)
She got tons of compliments on these shoes tonight at the mall, so I guess I will make a few more pairs.

Lessons learned on this 1)use a solid fabric for the sole, or at least not a pattern that will look funny if it isn't on the shoe straight. 2) Attach the sole to the top starting at the toe and going to the back, not the back to the toe. 3) Don't forget to top stitch the layers after ironing...  oops.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first pinterest baked item.

Yes, it has been a while.  Summer really kept me busy with the kids home and a new baby.  Plus, I did a ton of organizing (post pregnancy nesting) which is not very interesting.  I do frequent pinterest and have a TON of ideas for things to make.  This is my first cooking post as I really do not enjoy cooking.  I am a jar spaghetti sauce, taco dinner kit, box cake mix and frosting kinda mom.  Honestly, breakfast is my best meal so I tried a breakfast wreath.  Now it does include crescent rolls from a can, but the rest is "outer aisle" food.  (BTW, I am kinda sick of coupon nay-sayers going on how they are "outer aisle" shoppers and coupons are only for junk.)  Besides, the canned rolls are on an "outer aisle," too.  I digress...
My family really liked this and it reheated well the next morning.  I need some practice wrapping the crescent rolls around, but I think I did ok for a novice. 
Arrange the crescent rolls and layer bacon, cheese, scrambled eggs, and more cheese.  Wrap the crescent roll points to the middle and sprinkle more cheese.  Bake and voila!
See what I mean about wrapping the crescent rolls better?